Are you responsible for finding student tenants?

Here are three reasons student accommodation teams are joining StudentCrowd

1. Peer reviews are increasingly influencing students’ choice of accommodation

Aside from tuition fees, student accommodation is the single largest expense a student will incur during university.  Students want to know exactly what they are going to get and it's not just about features anymore.  They want to know how if the place will be their ideal home. And they trust other students to tell them exactly what it's like to live there.



2. Our accommodation pages are visited by hundreds of thousands of tenants that are ready to buy.

When our website visitors read reviews about student accommodation they are nearing the end of their research journey and getting ready to book their room.

Owning your StudentCrowd profile is the best way to maximise your opportunity to engage potential customers and entice them to enquire with you.  There and then.

3. Students have questions that your website might not answer.

Your potential customers are on our website because they want more information about your offering. Your profile page provides the ideal chance for you to engage at an opportune moment at the bottom of the funnel and unlock great ROI from your investment.

Universities often value reputation but undervalue the influence of student reviews. A UCAS applicant survey found ‘online reviews of universities by students’ to be more influential in application decisions than ‘social media contact’ and ‘emails from universities’.

StudentCrowd is a great channel for potential applicants to read reviews from current students. Universities can also reply to reviews and signpost applicants to information on their website.

Dan Beynon Head of Education, SMRS

Dan Beynon