Are you responsible for undergraduate recruitment?

Here are three reasons other university marketing teams are joining StudentCrowd

1. Peer reviews and peer content are increasingly influencing students’ firm reply decision.

Data shows that peer reviews are now the second most influential factor in a student's application choices, behind open days.  This finding doesn’t include those which go on to books open days after reading peer reviews.

Other survey findings

  • 90% of new applicants seek content from other students studying their subject.
  • 92% of students said that reviews were important in their firm reply choice.
  • 65% of applicants said that advertising that followed them around the web "was creepy".

2. Thousands of quality undergraduate applicants engage with our site every day

As other techniques and channels lose strength and penetration into your target market1, the StudentCrowd platform is gaining speed rapidly.  In a year, to the end of March 2018, our website attracted 785,000 unique users. This year we're on track for well over 1 million.

In your personalised demonstration, we will show you how many visitors your university pages attracts and exactly how you can engage with these potential recruits.  If you visit Google right now and search for reviews about your institution, you'll see us in the top results.  Just like this:


3. The best students and their parents, have questions that your prospectus doesn’t answer.

Your potential recruits and their parents visit your page on StudentCrowd because they are choosing between you and your competitors.  Their questions go beyond the glossy prospectus as they begin to picture what life would look like at your institute.

Parents are increasingly concerned about "the whole experience" that their investment will buy their children so they are digging for deeper insights.

Universities often value reputation but undervalue the influence of student reviews. A UCAS applicant survey found ‘online reviews of universities by students’ to be more influential in application decisions than ‘social media contact’ and ‘emails from universities’.

StudentCrowd is a great channel for potential applicants to read reviews from current students. Universities can also reply to reviews and signpost applicants to information on their website.

Dan Beynon Head of Education, SMRS

Dan Beynon

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